Sainoo: Activities

Our mission is to connect the best Talents with recruiters in no time.

We cover 3 main verticals that are the Finance, Consulting and the Tech space. Our community of recruiters will generally be looking for people with 0 to 10 years of experience.

In the Finance space, we cover front-office roles with Investment Banks, Private Equity or Asset Managers as well as middle office and back-office roles (generally related to Risk, Regulation, or Compliance). Our clients range from small boutiques to larger, more integrated institutions.

All sort of consulting firms are scouting for the best Talents through CoachingAssembly. Fill out your interest for one specific role or in general and get contacted by right firms. Receive interview invitations now!

In an ever changing world, fast growing companies as well as more mature firms are connecting everyday with strong Engineers, just like you. Whether you are looking for front-end, back-end, full-stack, management... roles, just register your skill set, your favorite stack and let the magic operates! The next challenge is around the corner!

We recently secured substantial funding and we are always happy to have a chat with motivated people who would like to join the adventure!

We think our mission is to improve candidates and recruiters experience in the recruitment process. More specifically, with the matchmaking. People should be able to speak sooner rather than go through painful processes.
We are building matching algorithms based on skills-based talent marketplace.

For business roles, we do not really mind about your background! We think that you are more than your experience. That said, we are looking for truly motivated, proactive people who can think out of the box.

Ardian: Activities

Led from London and New York, Ardian’s global network manages and/or advises $30bn of assets. Seizing the best opportunities, Ardian’s Fund of Funds activity cultivates excellence. In 2013, Ardian deployed more than $3bn in secondary transactions and primary commitments. In April 2014, Ardian has announced the successful fundraising of a $10bn investment platform for its Fund of Funds activity.

The Funds of Funds team at Ardian is a leading international player in the sector which offers its global client base a range of investment options, including:
- Primary Fund of Funds – investments in new funds
- Secondary Fund of Funds – the purchase of direct stakes in mature private equity funds and portfolios of stakes in unlisted companies
- Early Secondary Fund of Funds – the purchase of stakes in immature funds – of which less than 50% are invested

Comprising 50 investment professionals, the Fund of Funds team is spread across our offices and work coordinately from Asia, Europe and North America.

The team is able to access a vast amount of information via a database of 900 funds and 10,000 underlying companies, which provides unparalleled accuracy and expertise within the assets and teams in the private equity sector.

Since 2005, Ardian has invested in private companies running infrastructure projects, alongside industrial and financial partners, who can contribute their technical expertise or financial resources.

Current yield return and protection against inflation and economic cycles. Infrastructure has a relatively low correlation with other asset classes and offers protection against inflation and economic cyclicality. More importantly, yields are also steady and have good long-term visibility. Ardian invests in the full range of regulated and unregulated core infrastructure assets. These include gas and electricity grids, transport infrastructures such as toll roads, railways, airports and renewable energy assets.

Key partnerships. The Infrastructure team works closely with a network of large industrial, energy, construction and utility companies and infrastructure operators. This network allows the team to access deals on a bilateral basis or through a limited auction, without incurring the time and expense of a formal sale process. The team also has strong working relationships with public service regulators. As a result, the teams are able to understand how the regulator’s evolving strategy might affect the fund’s assets and future investment decisions.

At the heart of the European Infrastructure sector: By taking a long term investment approach, often holding investments for a 10-15 year period, the Infrastructure team can invest up to €400M per transaction, even more with co-investor support. The investments are focused on the European market, diversified between 80% in Brownfield and 20% in Greenfield.

Ardian entered the private debt market in 2005 with the launch of its first mezzanine fund, and adapted its strategy over time, which has seen it pioneer unitranche lending.

Financing all types of mezzanine transactions. With $4bn managed or advised, the 11-strong team based in Paris and London arranges financings of between €40M and more than €300M under LBO, OBO, management shareholding restructuring, recapitalization or financing build-up.

Solutions tailored to a range of situations. Ardian has developed a full range of innovative transactions:
- Unitranche financing: a combination of senior and subordinated debt in a single instrument with bullet maturity
- Mezzanine financing: loans subordinated to bank debt with equity priority

Focus on unitranche. Ardian is a pioneer of unitranche financing in Europe. This innovative form of financing allows companies to concentrate their investments on external growth. Particularly useful for companies with dynamic growth strategies, this financing is increasingly used by companies and funds.

A key partner. Created in 2005, the Private Debt team has built close relationship with investment funds notably via its team network and through the Fund of Funds activity of the company.

You will be working with more than 30 professionals who are dedicated to investor relations, ensuring personal needs and requirements are continually met. Among them, regional professionals maintain an ongoing dialogue with investors, while others are fully dedicated to client servicing and continuously strive to provide clients with the most timely, reliable information possible.

The Investor Relations team is also responsible for creating new funds’ marketing materials and answering all investor’s due diligence questions about our funds. In order to do so, the team is positioned at the heart of all different business units within the company.

Through an online reporting platform, Ardian offers investors a secure and comprehensive set of marketing materials, investment results and historic record. Detailed accurate data of investment activity and product lines are published at regular intervals. Today, Ardian is able to provide a tailor-made service to each of its investors.

A high performing business model. The formation of strategic partnerships between investment funds is often required when completing large buyout transactions. Ardian began its co-investment activity in 2005. Since then, the firm has invested in 50 companies, across a wide range of geographic locations and sectors. The Co-Investment team operates on a global scale, which allows them to capitalize on a sustained and high-quality deal flow. The team also operates a selective investment policy and only selects opportunities where a small number of co-investors are involved.

Two distinct strategies. Ardian’s Co-Investment team operates two distinct investment strategies that enable its investors to access a wide range of attractive investment opportunities in markets around the world, with a particular focus on the US and Europe.

- Co-Investments: The first of these strategies involves traditional co-investment activity, where Ardian invests alongside another investment fund without being involved in the governance of the company that general partners wish to syndicate. Typically, the team joins a small group of investors, committing between €20m and €50m to each transaction.

- Active minority investments: In Europe, Ardian participates as a minority investor in large transactions, in which Ardian plays an active role in structuring and then in the governance and development of the company. Ardian can invest in partnership with another private equity fund, but also alongside an entrepreneur, an industrial group or a family. Ardian can mobilize several hundred million euros for this type of transactions.

With two generations of funds successfully invested since 2002 and a third closed in 2014, Ardian’s small cap activity has established a leading position across Europe with France, Germany and Italy-based investment professionals. The Expansion team focuses on companies valued at less than €150M.

“Buy-and-build” policy. Ardian’s team has extensive experience in structuring external growth operations, integrating companies and building close relationships with the banks involved in financing. These relationships enable Ardian to assist in the long-term development of small and medium-sized companies.

A grass roots approach. The team focuses on the sectors it knows best, where it can contribute significant added value. Effective governance is key and the team spends a large amount of time working closely with company executives. After an investment has been completed, a 100-day program is launched to review reporting, audit, risk management and communication processes, all geared towards accelerating the company’s growth.

An integrated European team. Ardian’s 18-strong team includes a mix of nationalities working out of offices in Paris, Frankfurt and Milan, with a constant focus on assessing investment opportunities and working closely to monitor the portfolio. The team combines its talents and resources to assist in the development of portfolio companies, especially on external growth and international commercial opportunities.

The Ardian Growth team supports small to medium sized businesses with a turnover between €5m and €100m. The team focuses on companies that have the potential for strong, sustained growth in their core markets, are visible domestically and are looking to expand internationally.

Consolidating and driving growth. The team uses its 17 years of experience across 120 companies to provide businesses with the local support they need at key milestones in their development. This can be through facilitating timely acquisitions or by aiding with international expansion.

A locally-based partner. Ardian uses its market expertise and network of contacts to strengthen the human capital of the companies in which it invests. This entrepreneurial spirit, along with the firm’s global presence, helps to give companies greater international exposure.

Broad capital deployment. The team acquires both minor and major stakes in companies, investing between €2m and €10m through capital increases, repurchases, or transmission leveraged buyouts.

As part of this commitment to dynamic and fast-growing sectors, the Ardian Growth Team founded the Digital Entrepreneurs Club, partnering with the French Association for Software Publishers and the Association for Digital Economy.

Human Resources
The Human Resources team are responsible for managing the recruitment process for all positions within the company including scheduling interviews, ability and psyschometric testing, issuing contracts of employment and conducting pre-employment checks on potential hires.
For existing employee’s they have responsibility for sourcing training courses, and arranging appropriate training and development, managing the annual performance and compensation reviews, plus all elements of reward - managing the employee benefit programmes and ensuring all staff are paid correctly each month.

The administrative and secretarial team provides both clerical and administrative support to all members of the company.
Their role plays a vital part in the administration and smooth-running of the office.
They are often responsible for the co-ordination and implementation of office procedures, travel arrangements, scheduling meetings, diary management, arranging in-house and external events and dealing with telephone and email enquiries.

The Finance team are responsible for the corporate and fund finance and reporting for Ardian.
This team assist in minimising interest rate and currency risks, and monitor bank deposit counterparty risk on an ongoing basis by reviewing the information for all portfolio businesses on an aggregated basis.
This team produce the quarterly investor reports for each Fund/investment and are involved in the annual valuation process.
This team consists of qualified accountants with various levels of experience.

Through its fundraising and investment successes, Ardian has established a leading Mid Cap position in Europe. With its latest fund of €2.8bn (400 million co-investment) raised in 2013, the team seeks to acquire and develop companies valued between €150M and €1.5bn.

Capitalize on a stringent investment discipline and a unique "sourcing". Established in 1997, the Mid Cap Buyout activity aims to buy and develop leading companies on their markets, often already very internationalized, with potential untapped development. Ardian’s Mid Cap Buyout activity incorporates a disciplined investment approach. Our expertise covers various relevant scenarios, from asset succession, to companies' delisting or large groups' spin-off. Our approach is very selective and we are getting involved early on in the sales process. We are constantly looking for growth sectors and attractive companies and are commited to identifying a value creation strategy prior to making an investment. With a very selective approach and a high level of due diligence, the team focuses on majority transactions while retaining the flexibility to act on attractive minority stake deals with strong governance rights.

Take advantage from international network. With a presence across key markets in continental Europe (France, Germany and Italy), the team’s 29 investment professionals employ both their local expertise and Ardian’s international network to support the growth of portfolio companies.

Supporting transformational strategies. The team focuses on companies with both internal and external growth ambitions and is deeply involved in the implementation of transformational strategies, including buy-and-build and international greenfield expansion.

A long-term investment. As a long-term partner for the companies in which we invest, our Mid Cap team aims to create value for the company, for its employees, for its wider environment and for all shareholders, involving managers and employees at every stage.

Artik Consulting
Information Technology and Services

Artik Consulting
Artik est une société de conseil technologique qui accompagne les grandes entreprises dans leurs projets de transformation SI.

Un métier : Le Conseil
Pour Artik, conseiller ses clients c’est les aider à construire une vision moyen terme de leur SI tout en définissant à court terme des paliers opérationnels.
Cibler loin mais jalonner court, tel est notre maître mot.

Des clients grands comptes
Artik adresse principalement les grandes entreprises car l’alignement de leur SI avec leur Stratégie Métier est une nécessité absolue.
La confiance qu’ils nous accordent dans la durée est un gage de la qualité de nos prestations.

Un savoir faire technologique
Les innovations technologiques ont un impact de plus en plus fort sur les usages.
Nous sommes donc convaincus que la technologie est un moyen incontournable pour répondre aux enjeux métiers de l’entreprise.

Des Architectes expérimentés
Fort d’une équipe d’Architectes SI très expérimentés, ayant travaillé sur des projets de transformation significatifs, Artik a la capacité d’accompagner ses clients dans la transformation de leur SI avec pragmatisme et efficacité.

Nous rejoindre
Nous recherchons des experts et des jeunes talents qui ont la passion des nouvelles technologies et qui souhaitent s’inscrire dans une logique entrepreneuriale au sein d’une entreprise ambitieuse et innovante.
Nous offrons à nos consultants un cadre exceptionnel et varié de possibilités de s'épanouir et se développer :
Vous participerez activement au développement d’Artik dans la position de devenir un acteur clé de demain.
Vous accompagnerez nos clients sur des projets challengeant et à forte valeur ajoutée avec des opportunités d’évoluer rapidement vers un poste à responsabilité.
Vous bénéficierez d’un savoir-faire reconnu par nos clients qui vous sera transmis par une équipe encadrante de qualité.

Messier Maris & Associés
Investment Banking

Messier Maris & Associés is an investment banking firm providing tailored strategic advisory services in M&A, corporate restructuring, privatizations, and PE transactions.

Located in Paris, New-York and London, Messier Maris & Associés was set up by Jean-Marie Messier and Erik Maris at the end of 2010. Our firm has since expanded and counts five Partners as of today.

Jean-Marie Messier, former CEO of Vivendi Universal and ex-Lazard Frères General Partner, created Messier Partners in 2003.

Erik Maris, the former co-head and General Partner of Lazard Frères joined the team in 2010 to form the newly branded “Messier Maris & Associés”.

François Roussely and Fady Lahame, respectively previously Vice-Chairman Europe and Co-Head of IB France and Belux at Credit Suisse, just joined the firm.

Jean-François Cizain joined in September 2015 as Head of Restructuring and Debt Advisory. He was previously in charge of the restructuring practice and infrastructure finance advisory at Lazard Frères. In September 2013, he founded Special Debt Situations Limited, an advisory boutique focusing on restructuring and capital structure advisory.

A team of c.50 international professionals spread across Paris, New York, and London, Messier Maris & Associés has grown into one of the most dynamic M&A Advisory houses among established investment banks. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, its high-caliber team builds on the experience and international relationships of its partners to advise and execute transactions.

In February 2015, Messier Maris & Associés signed a joint-venture agreement with Millstein & Co., a financial advisory firm comprising of c.40 professionals in New York and Washington DC. Founded by Jim Millstein, the former Chief Restructuring Officer at the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Millstein & Co. provides independent advisory to private corporations, institutional investors and governmental clients involved in mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, and other special situations.

Green Soluce
Management Consulting

How do we achieve results for our clients?
Our private and public clients can count on our four hubs of expertise and our demonstrated track record of creating value with sustainability and CSR strategy and implementation:

- Advisory by Green Soluce: Sustainability and CSR are complex topics that require expert assistance to achieve tangible results whilst avoiding any risk of "green/CSR washing"​. Our consulting services range from strategy and engineering to communications applied to the sustainable built environment and CSR of the players in the urban ecosystem. Key topics include: energy, carbon, circular economy and biodiversity. Tools: certifications, benchmarks and reporting questionnaires (GRESB, CDP), as well as tailor-designed and moderated co-construction workshops.

- Learning by Green Soluce: Because acting sustainably requires training and raising awareness at a massive scale, we have developed a Digital Learning Experience dedicated to sustainability and CSR in the built environment. Our Digital Learning platform ensures that your real estate teams act as the sustainability Ambassadors and change-makers in the field you want them to be.

- Sustainable Finance by Green Soluce: Reallocating funds to green and responsible projects being the next key milestone in the sustainability space, our team at Green Soluce is leading the way with a dedicated methodology for analysing climate risk of real assets in compliance with TCFD, working with fund managers in building the next generation responsible SRI real estate funds, acting as match-makers between SRI investors and project owners, as well as driving the next level of impact reporting for green and sustainable bonds.

- Content by Green Soluce: Our team pushes the real estate industry forward towards more impactful sustainability action plans. We believe in best practice sharing, prospective thinking and pluri-disciplinary collective intelligence. Thus, we created a new media: Urban Chronicles.