GAN Assurances

Plus ancienne compagnie d’assurance sur le marché français, Gan Assurances est un assureur généraliste qui accompagne les particuliers, les professionnels et les entreprises à chaque moment de leur vie.

Gan Assurances propose des contrats adaptés aux besoins d’1 million de clients (dont 330 000 entreprises) : auto, habitation, santé, prévoyance, épargne, banque, retraite, placements, garanties professionnelles…

Une gamme de produits complets qui témoigne de la constante évolution de la société. L’histoire de Gan Assurances débute en effet avec la création de deux compagnies d’assurances : La Royale (1786), qui deviendra en 1848 La Nationale, et Le Soleil (1829). En 1968, Le Groupe des Assurances Nationales (GAN), fusion de la Nationale, du Soleil et de la Caisse Fraternelle de Capitalisation naît. Et trente ans plus tard, en 1998, à l’issue d’une procédure de privatisation, Groupama acquiert Gan.

Gan Assurances, une société du Groupe Groupama
Le Groupe Groupama (composé des trois marques Groupama, Gan et Amaguiz) est aujourd’hui un des leaders du secteur de l’assurance, avec 33 500 collaborateurs, dont 8 000 à l’international, qui sont au service de 13 millions de sociétaires et clients.

Gan Assurances dispose de 1 026 agences sur tout le territoire. Il compte près de 1 000 Agents généraux, 2 000 collaborateurs d’agence et 1 700 salariés.

Une référence sur le marché des entreprises et des professionnels
Profitant de ce maillage, Gan Assurances a décidé en 2010 de lancer une nouvelle stratégie de marque « Assuré d’avancer » dont les valeurs sont esprit d’entreprise et d’initiative, audace et dynamisme, et le projet « Entreprendre », dont l’ambition est de faire de Gan Assurances « un assureur de référence sur le marché des professionnels et des entreprises ». A noter que 94%* des clients professionnels de Gan Assurances se disent satisfaits de leur relation avec leur assureur

Frank Quattrone
Executive Chairman

Frank is a founder and Executive Chairman of Qatalyst and served as its CEO from the Firm's founding until January 2016. He began his career with Morgan Stanley in 1977, has advised technology companies since 1981, and headed the global Technology Groups for Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse before co-founding Qatalyst. Over the past four decades, Frank and the teams he has led have advised on more than 500 mergers and acquisitions with an aggregate transaction value over $650B and on more than 350 financings that raised over $65B for technology companies worldwide. During this time, Frank has enjoyed the privilege of advising technology leaders including Accenture, Adobe,, AOL, Apple, Applied Materials, Aruba, Ascend, Autonomy, Cisco, Citrix, Concur, Data Domain, eBay, GoDaddy, Google, HP, HomeAway, IBM, Informatica, Intel, Intuit, Jasper, Linear Technology, LinkedIn, LSI, Motorola Mobility, National Semiconductor, Netscape, Nicira, NXP, Oracle, Sourcefire, STMicroelectronics, Synopsys, SynOptics (Bay Networks), 3PAR, Tumblr, Twitch, Xilinx and Yammer.

Frank led the IPOs of, Cisco, Informatica, Intuit, Linear Technology, Netscape, STMicroelectronics, Synopsys, SynOptics and Xilinx, among many others. He advised Apple on its $400 million acquisition of NeXT (which led to Steve Jobs' return to Apple); Aruba on its $3B sale to HP; Ascend on its $3.7B acquisition of Cascade and its $24B sale to Lucent; Autonomy on its $11.7B sale to HP; Citrix on an activism defense assignment and cooperation agreement with Elliott Management; Concur on its $8.3B sale to SAP; Data Domain on its $2.4B sale to EMC; GoDaddy on its strategic investment by KKR, Silver Lake and TCV; Google on creating an alternative to Microsoft's $45B hostile takeover attempt of Yahoo!; HomeAway on its $3.9B sale to Expedia; Informatica on its $5.3B sale to Permira and CPPIB; Jasper on its $1.4B sale to Cisco; LinkedIn on its $28.1B sale to Microsoft; LSI on its $6.6B sale to Avago; Motorola Mobility on its $12.5B sale to Google; National Semiconductor on its $6.5B sale to Texas Instruments; Nicira on its $1.3B sale to VMware; NXP on its proposed $47B sale to Qualcomm; Oracle on an $80 million investment by Nippon Steel (during Oracle's financial crisis in 1990-91); Sourcefire on its $2.7B sale to Cisco; SynOptics on its $1.2B merger with Wellfleet to form Bay Networks; 3PAR on its $2.4B sale to HP; Tumblr on its $1.1B sale to Yahoo!; Twitch on its $1B sale to; and Yammer on its $1.2B sale to Microsoft.

Jefferies: Activities

Jefferies Fixed Income is comprised of a highly experienced team of sales, trading, capital markets, research and strategy professionals who provide best-in-class trade execution and 24-hour liquidity in the global markets, with the highest level of service to our clients. Jefferies is a leading market maker in the full spectrum of fixed income products.

Areas covered by our 425 fixed income sales, trading, research and strategy professionals worldwide include:
- Government Securities
- Mortgage- and Asset-Backed Securities
- Corporate Credit
- Emerging Markets
- Capital Markets
- Structured Notes
- Foreign Exchange
- Strategy & Economics

Jefferies Global Research & Strategy provides thought leadership across the financial markets, offering valuable insights and actionable ideas to our clients on market strategy, economics, equity, fixed income, foreign exchange and commodities in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Jefferies Research offering includes:
- Strategy & Economics
- Equity
- Fixed Income

We are a global leader, offering deep sector expertise and broad advisory and capital markets capabilities to corporate and private equity clients.

Our talented professionals provide a full range of advisory and underwriting services through creative and idea-driven M&A, leveraged finance, equity & equity-linked financing and restructuring & recapitalization solutions. With approximately 700 investment banking professionals we provide global coverage across all products and sectors:

Jefferies Investment Banking Product Coverage:
- Debt Capital Markets
- Equity Capital Markets
- Mergers & Acquisitions
- Private Capital Advisory
- Restructuring & Recapitalization
- Corporate Broking

Jefferies Investment Banking Sector Expertise:
- Consumer & Retail
- Energy
- Financial Institutions
- Financial Sponsors
- Healthcare
- Industrials
- Power and Utilities
- Real Estate, Gaming & Lodging
- Telecoms, Media and Technology

European Regional Coverage:
- UK
- Germany
- France
- Benelux Region
- Italy
- Nordic Region
- Spain (through a partnership with Arcano Group)

Jefferies Equities is focused on providing best-in-class ideas, execution, and service to our clients, with superior sales, trading and research products. With one of the largest, most experienced institutional sales forces, Jefferies has dedicated equity trading desks across the U.S., Europe and Asia. We provide seamless execution and outstanding liquidity with a focus on minimal market impact. We serve a network of more than 2,500 institutional investors around the globe. Our U.S. equity trading business consistently ranks among the Top 10 investment banks in market share and trading quality.

Areas covered by our 800 equity sales, trading and research professionals worldwide include:
- Equity Research
- Cash Equities
- Electronic Trading
- Convertibles
- Equity Derivatives
- Prime Services

Leucadia Investment Management Limited (LIML) is a division of Leucadia National Corporation. LIML is an asset management company providing hedge fund investment opportunities in global equity event strategies.

IT is pivotal to running a modern investment bank and at Jefferies, Technology is at the absolute heart of everything we do. The technology function plans for, designs, installs and maintains technology infrastructure – continually seeking to increase performance, capacity, efficiency and resilience to the evolving cyberthreat landscape. Our business aligned technology departments work closely with their business functions to analyse, design, build and maintain technology platforms delivering software that allows our staff to service our clients as effectively as possible. Our technology suite includes market leading vendor platforms, custom built systems on proven stable technologies, and increasingly use new technologies and ideas to give Jefferies and our clients the edge.

Rochefort & Associes: Activities

Buy side, Sell side and Mergers & Acquisitions: pan-European and transatlantic.

Conventional fundraising, including venture capital and growth capital.

Operations in capital markets: equity and debt.

Strategic advisory for organizational or structuring purposes.

Financial restructuring and special situations.

Meeschaert: Activities

Sales Assistant
The sales assistant is the representative of the private banking advisor. He is in charge of managing client files on a daily basis. His tasks include opening accounts, handling investment operations and carrying out transactions. He answers client questions and, if necessary, directs them to their advisor. The sales assistant manages the agendas and relations with clients, in compliance with Meeschaert Group procedures.

Investment Advisor
The investment advisor oversees and manages the securities (stocks, bonds, etc.) of its clients in coordination with the private banking advisor. The investment advisor makes sure that a client’s portfolio corresponds to that client’s investment profile. He provides personalized monitoring and executes orders after discussing with the client.
The investment advisor selects exterior funds based on quantitative and qualitative criteria.

Private Banking Advisor
The private banking advisor works with clients to help them build up and consolidate their wealth. He constantly ensures that the solutions implemented with respect to each client’s profile are adequate and that the regulations are being complied with.
The private banking advisor serves as a coordinator and ensures comprehensive monitoring of each client’s wealth and finances, in coordination, if necessary, with the financial, legal and tax experts of Meeschaert Group.

Real Estate Advisor
The real estate advisor works with the clients of Meeschaert Group to optimize their real estate assets. He can thus assist them in the sale of an asset or in the choice of an investment by presenting assets to them that correspond to their objectives. The real estate advisor can also propose specific programs (tax exemption, bare ownership, etc.) carefully selected from among the offers available on the market.

Wealth Engineer
The wealth engineer manages and monitors the wealth of private banking clients. He assists the private banking advisors in detecting and resolving the tax, wealth and financial problems of their clients and prospects. At Meeschaert Gestion Privée, the wealth engineer works with clients over the long term to assist them with all tax-related formalities.

Head of Structured Products
The head of structured products is in charge of monitoring structured product campaigns and making sure they run smoothly. Working in collaboration with various departments, the head of structured products regularly proposes new products that meet the needs of clients and that take advantage of the potential of the financial markets.
He promotes the development of products, monitors existing products and analyses the results in order to be able to propose new investment vehicles.

Financial Analyst
The financial analyst monitors market activity and the performance of companies. He studies management methods, growth strategies and the economic and social environment of companies.
To do so, the financial analyst gathers information from the financial departments and studies all of this data in order to make the best possible investment proposals to the asset managers for their respective markets.

SRI Analyst
The SRI analyst defines the scope of socially responsible investment by carrying out studies on various sectors and themes. He also leads committees on SRI management attended by our partner associations.
The SRI analyst is in charge of the voting policy and its application for the Meeschaert Asset Management funds.

Management Assistant
The management assistant monitors the accounts under mandate on a daily basis and implements the new mandates in line with the management objectives and the deadlines for compliance. He takes part in the monthly reporting and in the management policy through daily exchanges with the asset managers and analysts.
The management assistant executes orders via routing or brokers and transmits the order responses to the back office.

Fund Manager
The fund manager manages one or more equity, fixed-income or money market portfolios in accordance with the guidelines stipulated by the Meeschaert Asset Management investment committee. He seeks to maintain the overall balance between high-risk and low-risk securities by ensuring long-term profitability in line with the fund’s management objective.
The fund manager seeks to pinpoint the speculative movements linked to the real value of the companies in which he invests.
He may work with the family office teams to help them understand the reports drawn up by managers outside the Group.

Mandates Manager
The mandates manager is in charge of investments in mandates and the construction of model portfolios. He monitors market trends and manages portfolios by deciding which securities to invest in and to what extent. The mandates manager participates in management committees, assists the sales teams in the relations they have with clients and provides technical expertise on the various products.

Financial Expert
The financial expert researches and selects investment vehicles and partner companies that will be proposed as part of calls for bids by referring to the specific requests of clients. He manages calls for bids, gathers responses and summarizes them before presenting them to clients. The financial expert makes recommendations in line with the client’s asset allocation, and then implements the proposed solutions and negotiates the costs of the services provided.

Wealth Engineer
The wealth engineer manages and monitors the wealth of private banking and family office clients. He assists the private banking advisors in detecting and resolving the tax, wealth and financial problems of their clients and prospects.
The wealth engineer accompanies the advisors to meetings in order to help them strengthen existing relations.
He helps train the advisors by leading meetings and manages the usual client contacts: lawyers, notaries, accountants, etc.

Asset Supervisor
The asset supervisor monitors all of the client’s assets, using a dashboard that shows all of the elements that make up the family’s wealth. He is therefore in charge of monitoring financial performance and whether the family’s objectives are being met. Asset supervisors have both a precise and overall view of the assets, allowing them to make many helpful proposals. Working with all of the Group’s contacts, the asset supervisor ensures the validity and longevity of the solutions that have been implemented.