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Advanced LBO Modeling

This course is a more thorough treatment of the standard LBO course covered in the Premium Package, and is designed for investment banking and private equity professionals who want to take their LBO modeling skills to the next level. Trainees build a full LBO model with stock vs asset sale toggles, multiple tranches of debt, PIK toggles, and sophisticated deferred tax and depreciation schedules.

What you will learn:

  • Learn how an LBO / Recapitalization works given today’s benchmarks and credit environment
  • Develop an “industrial strength” LBO model driven off a fully integrated 3 statement model
  • Integrate switches for LBO vs. Recap accounting treatment
  • Toggle between tax and valuation implications of asset deals, (338(h)(10) election, and stock sale
  • Learn best practices for modeling Senior, Revolver, Sub, Mezzanine and Preferred stock
  • Add a PIK toggle to various debt tranches
  • Integrate cash sweep functionality into term loan debt tranches
  • Build the Sources & Uses (S&U) schedule – the correct way
  • Analyze & sensitize IRRs for sponsors, management, preferreds, and mezzanine
  • Modeling complex accounting adjustments including deferred taxes, fair value write ups, and goodwill
  • Attach a DCF valuation to your LBO
  • Use as a reference to get ahead on the job and in your career
  • Gain the confidence to ace your private equity interviews

How to follow the course:

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