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BofA Merrill Lynch online tests and process

If your application is successful, Bank of America Merrill Lynch will invite you to take either a numerical or logical reasoning aptitude test, depending on the position you are applying to. These tests are provided by IBM’s Kenexa. As these tests assess the exact skills Bank of America Merrill Lynch is looking for, a good performance on these tests is imperative.

Bank of America Numerical Test

Candidates applying for most positions (other than technology positions) are asked to sit a numerical reasoning test. You have 20 questions to answer in a 20 minute time frame. You are presented with a number of different pieces of numerical data ranging from percentages to ratios. Having correctly analysed the information, you need to select the right answer from a choice of different possibilities. Working under such severe time constraints enhances the challenge of the test and can cause you to make mistakes.

Bank of America Logical Reasoning Test

Candidates for technology roles will be asked to sit a logical reasoning test. This is a 12 minute test with 24 questions. During the test, you are given a series of shapes and must determine which is the missing pattern in the sequence. This test examines your ability to make correct assumptions and conclusion under time pressure. Using practice tests to get a feel for the real thing is a great way to get ready and you can use JobTestPrep’s logical reasoning preparation resources.

Bank of America Competency Questions

After you have successfully completed the Merrill Lynch numerical test, you will be asked to complete a competency questionnaire. There is no time limit to these questions so you can make sure that your answers are truly suited to the position you are applying for. While answering these questions, it is important to remember that they want to know that you have demonstrated the core values of the company before in your life. Practice answering competency questions with our practice questions.

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