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Goldman Sachs online tests and process

The Goldman Sachs Aptitude Tests

The Goldman Sachs aptitude tests are taken following the first interview. There is a numerical and verbal test given to all candidates whilst technical candidates also face a technical test. These tests are a mix of CEB’s SHL and Goldman Sachs’ own.

Goldman Sachs Numerical Reasoning Test

The Goldman Sachs numerical test is a 20 minute test with 20 questions. This is a written assessment and you are provided with paper and a pen but you will not be allowed to use a calculator. Unlike the other aptitude tests, the numerical test is written by Goldman Sachs and not SHL. You can expect to see questions dealing with percentages, fractions and decimals. Sharpen your mental maths skills with our numerical reasoning practice tests.

Goldman Sachs Verbal Reasoning Test

The Goldman Sachs verbal test is also a 20 minute written test. You are given a short text to read and then given a statement related to the text. You must decide if the statement is ‘true/false/cannot say’ based on the text. Due to the time limitations, you need to be able to work quickly and efficiently. The best way to sharpen your skills is by taking practice verbal reasoning tests.

The Goldman Sachs Technical Test

For the technical roles at Goldman Sachs, you will be asked to take a written technical assessment.This test is computer code-based and you are given 1 hour and 20 minutes to answer numerous coding questions. There are questions in C++, SQL, and possibly C# and Java as well. It is important to try and clear your head for such questions as in time pressured situations you can find yourself making careless mistakes. Make sure that you are fully up to date with practising such situations and working under pressure.

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