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HSBC online tests and process

Once you have completed the HSBC application form successfully, you will be sent a link inviting you to take some HSBC psychometric tests. These tests are provided by SHL, and the number and type of tests depends on the role you are applying to. Below we will discuss the different tests you may be asked to take.

HSBC Numerical Test

Almost every position applied for requires a HSBC numerical reasoning test, as the ability to understand and use numerical information is a crucial part of the job at HSBC.This test is 20 minutes in length and there are 20 questions to answer. You are presented with different numerical data items in the form of graphs, tables, and percentages. After careful analysis of the figures, you need to answer multiple choice questions relating to the data. You need to be able to work out the answers and do so quickly in order to get a good score. Practising these tests isn't merely a good idea but is completely necessary to beat the pressure of the timed test. Prepare for your HSBC numerical reasoning test with our SHL-style practice packs.

Verbal Reasoning Test

For some roles you are asked to take a verbal reasoning test. This test is designed to assess how well you use written information.You are presented with a paragraph of text and a statement based on the text. You need to come to a conclusion as to whether this statement is true, false, or impossible to say from the text presented. You are asked up to four questions on each piece of text, which is a great help given the tight time allocation per question. Taking practice tests will also help you manage your time better in this test, as well as solve questions more accurately. Prepare with our SHL-style practice tests packs.

HSBC Logical Reasoning Test

Applicants to some roles are invited to take a logical reasoning test. This is a non-verbal test designed to assess your problem solving skills. In this test you are given a series of shapes linked together by a set pattern. Your task is to identify this pattern and choose the next shape in the sequence from a list of options. Learn more about these tests and how to identify patterns with our tailored SHL-style non-verbal reasoning practice pack.

Personality Test

Many candidates across the schemes are invited to take a personality test. The purpose of the SHL personality test or OPQ is to assess how well you fit with HSBC’s values and to determine your work style. Ahead of taking your personality test you should review the HSBC values and the job description and person specification for your role. Taking practice personality tests is also useful as it will familiarise you with the questions you are asked and help you portray yourself in the best possible way. Prepare with our online personality test practice pack.

Situational Judgement Test

For some roles you will be asked to take a Situational Judgement Test (SJT) at this point while for others this test comes after the telephone interview. In this test you are presented with a number of different work based scenarios, and a series of potential responses to that situation. You have to choose the option that you would most and least do. You are expected to be able to respond to this situation in the way that best fits the HSBC values. Learning how this test works and what is required of you is the best way to ensure that you answer the questions the way HSBC want. Gain experience of situational judgement tests with our SJT practice pack.

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