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Numerical Reasoning Test

The first of two numerical related tests is a numerical reasoning test provided by CEB’s SHL. Unlike many of the tests that you may have taken for other companies, at ICAP this is a pen and paper test. In this test you are assessed on your ability to use numerical information and make the calculations necessary to inform your work. The aim of this test is to see how you work in a pressurised environment, as you have 20 minutes to answer 20 questions. You may bring a calculator with you to the assessment centre to use in this test. Learn more about numerical reasoning tests, and prepare for this test with our specially tailored SHL style numerical reasoning test practice pack.

ICAP Trading Simulation

The second numerical test is ICAP’s unique trading simulation test. In this test you are given a mock up news programme with scrolling exchange rates, FTSE 100 index price, a list of stock prices and more information. You have to answer three questions on each news item, and have 40 seconds to answer each question. In total there are six items and 18 questions. The questions are multiple choice, but you have to be able to calculate answers under pressure. This test is difficult and fast moving, really designed to see what you can do when under pressure. Your calculator, pen and paper will really come in useful here. Although you can’t prepare for the special elements of this test, ahead of your assessment centre ensure that you numerical skills are up to scratch whilst you prepare for your numerical reasoning test.

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