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Morgan Stanley online tests and process

Once the application has been accepted, you will be sent a link to a combination of four possible tests: numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, logical reasoning and speed/accuracy checking. These tests have been provided by CEB’s SHL, one of the biggest psychometric testing companies around. The different online tests are:

Numerical Test

In this test you will be given 18 questions to answer in a 25-minute time limit. You are presented with information in the form of tables and graphs. To answer the questions correctly you need to use your ability to interpret and analyse numerical data, work out percentages, ratios, and understand different charts. The Morgan Stanley numerical test not only assesses your ability to understand complex numerical data but also your ability to work under pressure. You get just over a minute per question and this means that if you are not at the top of your game you will not be able to do yourself justice. Hence, a thorough understanding of these numerical tests is necessary to help you succeed.

Verbal Reasoning Test

In this Morgan Stanley online test you will be presented with a passage of information sometimes related to the financial world but often on a subject that is more general. The text in the Morgan Stanley verbal reasoning test often contains a host of different facts that are often only loosely related to one another. You have to answer multiple choice questions relating to the text, usually four questions per text. Practising for this tests gives you an understanding of the style of questions, and how to work under severe time constraints thus leading to higher test scores.

Logical Reasoning Test

In this test you are presented with a series of diagrams that follow a logical pattern. You have to identify this and select the next item in the sequence. There are five different options to choose from and only one of them is the correct answer. There are 24 questions in this test and you have 25 minutes to complete it. The best way to get a grip on these tests is to practice taking similar ones that give you a thorough understanding of the underlying concepts behind them. At JobTestPrep we have many such tests that by taking will give you the best chance of success in the real thing.

Checking Test

This Morgan Stanley online test is vastly different from the other online tests that you will take in that your analytical skills are not under the microscope here. However, your ability to work under pressure is. You will be presented with a string of numbers and you have to compare the given numbers to a sheet of numbers that are very similar to yours. You will have 32 comparisons to make in the two minute time frame.

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