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Nomura online tests and process

Graduate and internship applicants to Nomura alike face a series of online aptitude tests which includes a numerical reasoning test and an inductive, or logical reasoning test from the testing company IBM’s Kenexa. Note that not all divisions require both test types so read your correspondence with the Nomura recruitment department carefully.

Nomura Numerical Test

In this test you are given 24 questions to answer within a 24 minute limit. You are presented with various pieces of data in the form of charts and tables. You have to analyse the data and select the correct answer from five options. This test seeks to assess both your numerical abilities as well as your ability to work under time constraints. Get the practice you need with our Kenexa-style numerical reasoning practice tests.

Nomura Inductive/Logical Reasoning Test

In this test you have 24 questions to answer in 12 minutes. You need to identify a pattern among a set of objects and predict the following expected object. Here again both your logical and problem solving skills and ability to work under pressure are under examination. Learn to master the assessment with our Kenexa-style inductive reasoning practice tests.

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