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RBS online tests and process

If you have completed the online application successfully, next up is a series of 3 RBS online tests. The first is the situational judgment test (or SJT) followed by numerical and then logical reasoning. These online tests are from Talent Q’s Elements series.

Situational Judgment Test

In the RBS Situational Judgement Test, you are presented with 15 different job related scenarios made up of examples of issues and challenges that could arise in the work place. Your task is to decide how you would react in this situation by choosing your most and least likely responses. The test is usually 30 minutes long, giving you around 2 minutes to evaluate each scenario. Practice working through some challenging scenarios with our SJT practice pack.

Numerical Test

If you are successful in the SJT, you will be invited to the numerical testing stage. In the RBS Numerical Reasoning Test, you are given 12 questions that contain information in table form. This test is used to measure your ability to scrutinise numerical information and act upon it. In this test, each question has its own time limit, with 90 seconds allocated for the first question on a new set of information, and 75 seconds for the following questions. Talent Q tell employers that the average candidate finishes this test in 12 minutes, meaning that you are under pressure to finish quickly without compromising your accuracy. Get your maths skills in tip top shape with our Talent Q style numerical reasoning practice pack.

Logical Reasoning Test

Following a good performance on the numerical tests, your next step in the logical test. In the RBS Logical Reasoning Test, you are given a matrix with a number of different shapes, typically nine different shapes arranged in a 3 × 3 table. You must select the correct shape from one of the 14 different options. The first question has a 90 second time limit with 75 seconds allocated to each consequent question. This test can be tricky, so practising is essential if you want to succeed, and you can do so with our Talent Q style logical reasoning practice pack.

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